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Moonstruck Meadery Bellevue Nebraska

Want to try something a little different tonight for dinner? Head on over to Moonstruck Meadery in Bellevue Nebraska for local mead (honey wine) and homemade pizza. Delicious and unique! None of us had heard of the Moonstruck Meadery, but we are looking for the unusual restaurants. Moonstruck Meadery is easy enough to find (east of the Dairy Queen in Bellevue). It is a locally owned establishment.

The atmosphere:

The small dining area/bar maybe seats 30-35 people total. It was full most of the time that we were there. We grabbed a seat as it was filling fast on a weekday evening.

The Service:

A pleasant staff member who explained what mead is, as well as the entire menu, greeted us. It was explained that they use 100% Nebraska honey in all their homemade beverages and pizzas.

The Food:

The meads are the center point of the experience, and so you can experience as much as you desire, they do offer a unique flight of various meads, (6-one ounce pours) for only $5 . Or a 5-ounce glass of your favorite is only $5. With flavors of mead, peach, strawberry, apple, blueberry, cherry, blackberry, plum, passion fruit and cider, it was tough choosing only six to try. So, we varied our choices and tried most of them between us. The show mead was Sarah’s favorite, Patty liked the cider. Jim, who couldn’t drink alcohol that evening sampled the honey root beer, and he mentioned that the root beer was quite plain. Not too strong, not remarkable. We received samples of the oak aged mead, which resembles whiskey in flavor. Rick enjoyed the oaky addition of the aged mead.

The waitress explained that the appetizers are all commercially prepared/frozen, so we went right on to the pizza menu. Pizzas range in size from small, medium and large. Prices range from $8 to $23. With our good luck, we visited on a Wednesday night when their large pizzas are half price. So, we tried the Queens Chicken (Alfredo sauce, spinach and chicken) and the El Rey (loaded Taco pizza). The taco pizza was quite good and got thumbs up from three of the diners. The chicken Alfredo could have used more chicken and spinach, but was still good. The meadery brushes the pizza crust (except the taco) with a glaze of honey prior to toppings.

We wished:

Most of us thought it made the pizza a little too sweet.


Overall, the Monstruck Meadery is an interesting culinary adventure to try. They have specials on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. There were small groups of locals that obviously frequent the business. What a fun way to support a local business and eat fresh/eat local than trying out the award winning wines made from local honey and fruits.

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