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LPL Restaurant

LPL Restaurant Continuing our trend to visit ‘out of the way’ restaurants, we recently visited LPL’s in Council Bluffs for supper.


LPL’s (named by the former owner for his initials) website states, on its home page, that this is the place “Where people go to get properly medicated.” (As quoted by A. Olson). With the full service bar, your choices are wide-open for liquid refreshments. Rick declared the Blue Moon “fresh and served with a slice of orange, just the way it should be”. We believe that they should also add to the webpage that ‘it is the place to go to get filled up’. Portions are generous and prices are reasonable.

The Food:

For a restaurant and pub, the menu offerings are wide and varied. They have nightly specials which would appeal to many. They have a long list of appetizers ($4 to $8) but not homemade onion rings (our quest). There sandwiches ($7 to $10) include their People’s Choice pork tenderloin, a build your own burger with various sizes of burgers, baskets, salads and soups, Mexican offerings, Kids menu, and a section titled ‘House Specialties’. Everyone should find something on this menu to fit their taste buds.

Patty and Rick tried the Pork Tenderloin which has won the Council Bluff’s Non Pareil’s Daily newspapers, Reader’s Choice Award, for the past four years. This entrée’s size is impressive to say the least. Our guess is at least 8 ounces of tenderloin pounded to at least 12 inches in diameter. This tenderloin hangs out at least two inches from the bun which is at least 10 inches across. If you are hungry, this will fill you up! Our guess was 8 ounces of meat and 8 ounces of bread! (Not really a heart healthy or diabetic friendly choice, but Patty and Rick did declare it ‘Oh-so-delicious’!). Patty thought the tenderloin was tasty, she did comment that it was slightly dry. Rick thought his meal was “good” with his tenderloin and side of fries. Patty had the cheeseburger soup for her side and declared it delicious. She thought a bigger portion of the cheeseburger soup would have made a delicious meal in and of itself.

Jim tried a basic hamburger and French fries. He declared it “good, but nothing special”. Jim’s 6 ounce burger was the “small” choice, with a 10 ounce and the LPL burgers available. Jim’s burger appeared small next to the tenderloins. Fresh cut fries would have been something that could have set it apart.

Sarah had the beer-battered fried Walleye dinner ($12.50). A fairly non-descript salad started the meal. There was rather greasy breading on the walleye but the walleye itself was flakey with good flavor. The baked potato was wrapped in foil so more like a steamed potato than a baked. The side of green beans was truly the standout of this meal. It had great flavor and texture with bacon and onions and a hint of vinegar and brown sugar. Delicious.

The Service was good and the manager talked to us twice if we were satisfied. She seemed to really care!

We wished: That the food was just a bit better, as it was the kind of place that was very likeable by most people, and the prices were right.


It was another fun night to try a local eatery that was frequented by a fair crowd even on a Monday night. The restaurant itself is clean, has many tables, attentive service and friendly wait staff. There is a quirky chandelier hanging in the middle of the room which gave us a chuckle. Overall, a great place to get basic food which will fill up the hungriest of workers or family.

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