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The Blackstone Meatball

Jim had decided we needed to find the “best meatballs” in the Omaha area. After several bad experiences, we decided to meet at a place that does nothing but meatballs. If a restaurant called “The Blackstone Meatball” doesn’t have great meatballs, then Jim needs to give up his quest.

Introduction: The Blackstone Meatball is located in the heart of the “Blackstone District” of Omaha. The address (3901 Harney Street) will lead you to the back of the building, actually their parking lot, as the business is set back quite a ways from the street. After circling the block a few times, we figured out where to park. It would be nice if the parking spaces were a little more generous, as the door dings might be a bad consequence of eating here.

The restaurant itself is an open space with tables and high-tops. They run specials during football games with a big-screen television. This would be a great place to watch the Huskers play football.


Our waitress was great, quickly getting us beverages. They have house cocktails which sound interesting as well as various domestic and imported beers. Three beers and a fresh house-made Lemonade were quickly delivered. Jim didn’t care for the cucumber flavor in the lemonade, but I noticed he drank every last drop. He’s not a huge cucumber fan.

THE FOOD: They have a Starters menu which is limited. We settled on the bruschetta ($4) which was delicious. Four slices of hearty baguette bread toasted well so it stood up to the amazing profile of the bruschetta mix. Most bruschetta recipes are heavy on tomato, but this was light on the tomato and heavy on the fresh basil and crumbly cheese. It was delicious with balsamic vinegar. An order of four got us started but Sarah could easily have had more of these. Yummy. Delicious first impression.

The Blackstone Meatball’s menu is sure to please all tastes. You pick your style (in a bowl with fresh baguette, as a sub sandwich, or as sliders on a sweet slider bun). You pick your meat (classic beef, Romesco Pork, Provincial Chicken, Mushroom and Bean or the Special meatball of the day). You pick your sauce (spicy pork ragu, Pomodoro, Pesto, mushroom gravy or the special of the day). The available sides are waffle fries, risotto, polenta, white bean ragout, spaghetti, rigatoni or roasted veggies.

Patty loved the entire concept of Blackstone Meatball. The various options were a crowd pleaser for all of us. The meatball texture was good; it didn’t crumble or mush up. The flavors are outstanding. Patty chooses to have three sliders ($3 each) with waffle fries ($4) - beef with Pomodoro sauce, chicken with pesto sauce, mushroom and white bean with mushroom gravy. Each was delicious. Choosing a variety of sliders allowed Patty to sample many favorites. The portions were adequate as each meatball is 2 ounces.

Sarah chose the Panzanella Salad, a delicious fresh combination of spinach, basil, roasted tomatoes, shallots, toasted bread, cucumber and Italian vin ($7) with one slider of the mushroom and white bean meatball with the pesto sauce ($3/slider). The salad was fantastic and the slider was delicious.

Rick chose to have pork meatballs in a bowl with mushroom gravy over spaghetti and a side of fresh baguette ($12). He stated his meal was “great”

Jim, our meatball fanatic and biggest meatball critic, couldn’t find anything where he could be negative. He chose three sliders (Pork with mushroom sauce, beef with Pomodoro sauce and white bean with mushroom sauce) and a side of waffle fries. The waffle fries were deemed “standard”, but the sliders were outstanding, meeting his expectations in texture, flavor, and portions. A satisfied meatball lover!

We finished off our meal by splitting an order of the dessert. The house made doughnut hole is covered with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate, caramel and whipped cream ($5). We all loved the sweet combination to finish our meal.


This was a fun place to dine and everyone found something they loved. The portions are adequate not huge. The quality is outstanding. We all agreed it would score five out of five stars for casual dining.

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