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What do middle aged friends do when they are hungry and they need to be somewhere fairly early in the evening? Well, you join the senior citizen crowd for the early bird special at Jericho’s. Now, don’t be stuck in traffic and arrive late or you won’t get the special pricing. The early bird specials are offered from 4 to 5:30 PM week days and only 4:30 to 5:30 on the weekends. A complete meal of their favorite entrees for only $14.99. Their policy is strict that you must have ordered by 5:30. So, leave a few minutes early to experience Jericho’s at a discount. It is worth it.

Jericho’s has that ‘well-established’ steakhouse look to it. You walk into the spacious restaurant and find tables and leather chairs on rollers (easier to scoot up to the table) with quiet music playing in the background. A person tends to ‘sink into’ the chairs and I did notice that there are booster cushions for the shorter diners. Kind of like a child’s booster seat for an adult. The lights are dimmed for a quiet, cozy atmosphere. You must top at the hostess stand and be seated. Your tummy is about to be delighted.

Our waitress quickly takes our drink orders and returns with water and drinks from their full bar. We place our early bird special orders just under the wire at 5:26 PM.


We are quickly served hard rolls and tossed salads which were good. Ask for the dressing on the side if you don’t want it doused in dressing. We had a choice of New England clam chowder or Manhattan style Clam Chowder. We tried both and all were pleased with the chowder course. The soup of the day varies and it would have been nice to try another flavor instead of both options being clam based. But we cleaned our delicious cups of soup. Now onto the main course, which is an entrée served with a baked potato.

Patty had the Executive Prime Rib, an 8 ounce portion of rare (her preference) Prime Rib which melted in her mouth. Patty was quite pleased with her tender, delicious cut of meat and felt that the 8 ounce portion was perfectly sized after a salad and soup.

Rick tried the boneless butterfly pork chop; a broiled, juicy 8 ounce chop served with a small side of apple sauce. Rick was also quite satisfied with his tender, juicy cut of pork.

Sarah tried the 6 ounce grilled chicken breast, which was marinated in their special Italian dressing and grilled to perfection. Perfectly moist and tender.

Jim tried the New York Strip Steak, an 8 ounce charbroiled steak which melted in his mouth.

There are other options (grilled quail, stuffed sole Monterey, Stuffed Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Ribeye Steak, Butterflied Breaded Shrimp, Lemon Pepper Cod, ground sirloin, ham steak) so everyone is sure to find something that will please them.


The service was not remarkable, but it was adequaute, friendly, and they took care of our needs while being very busyu


We had nothing to wish for. It was better than we thought it would be for an old Omaha Steak House


We all felt that the portions were ‘right-sized’ for our appetites.

Jericho’s excels at perfected prepared protein, served with the expected steak-house sides. You truly can’t beat the value for this experience. If you can’t take advantage of the early bird specials, they have a full menu for lunch, dinner, appetizers, kid’s menu and desserts. This definitely should be on your Omaha restaurant rotation.

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