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Doozie’s is a new homemade Ice Cream and Burgers joint in the Lake Manawa area of Council Bluffs. (321 Comanche Street). It has been open only 5 weeks and 2 days, as of the night we visited.Word was circulating that the hamburgers were good , as was the ice cream


There is a nice outdoor patio area with picnic tables and umbrellas. While the view is of the street, it’s a nice area to have a slightly more private conversation. The inside has very limited booth seating and there is a constant in and out traffic of persons coming in to order and eat. Lot of the food seems to be ordered to go. The atmosphere is ‘Fast food” .


We started out with our predictable orders. Jim had a Doozie Burger combo ($8), Rick had a breaded Pork Loin Combo ($9), Patty had a Patty Melt Combo ($8), and Sarah had a grilled Chicken Sandwich combo ($8). The combo comes with a fountain soda and either French Fries or Onion Petals.

The Doozie Burger was good- a quarter pound hand pressed patty with good flavor and well-seasoned and cooked to order. The pork loin was tender meat with crispy outside. The Patty melt was a good combination of a quarter pound burger with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and the Doozie sauce, and all on 2 slices of Texas Toast. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich was well prepared, and, if fact, everyone enjoyed their sandwiches. The French Fries were a thicker cut, with a soft meaty potato on the inside and crispy hot on the outside. The guys enjoyed every single bite. The Onion petals are rather large chunks of a sweet onion dipped in batter and fried. The larger chunks of onions weren’t fully cooked and the smaller pieces were slightly over-cooked. Overall, the onions were a little on the greasy side just because they had to be in the (maybe not so hot) oil much longer than the Fries. These are definitely more than 2 napkin meals. Drippy good sauces, juicy meats and greasy onion petals. Everything was greasy, but when you go to a fast food place to have a sandwich and fries, what should one expect.

There are 2 salads : The garden @ $4.25 or the Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad @ $8) but none of us were feeling like being particularly compliant on our diets, that night.

The highlight of the night is the homemade Ice Cream. They had ten delicious flavors (Vanilla bean, Butter Brickle, Cookies and Cream, birthday Cake, Lemon Custard, Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip, Sinful Chocolate and Toasted Coconut) to choose from. You can choose to have a waffle cone or a plain cone or a cup. They have soft serve cones and dipped cones. They have Doozie Blenders with add in ingredients, shakes and malts, floats and freezes, smoothies, sundaes and specialty sundaes. They have hand-packed containers of their homemade ice cream to go. You literally cannot go wrong with any of these options. I would stop again just for the ice cream after a day of shopping at nearby Metro Crossing.

THE SEREVICE: T he food for 1 couple was served 5 minutes earlier than that of the other couple. The kitchen must work to coordinate food delivery at one table so everything arrives at the same time.


Overall, Doozie’s has a good thing going and is definitely worth a stop this summer!

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