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THE ATMOSPHERE: Goldberg’s at 50th & Dodge had such promise. Dundee is an area that is constantly coming up with something new. We found convenient parking spots and met inside. The menu is extensive and interesting. So many choices, we really had a hard time deciding what to order. Drinks were ordered from their full bar. (Diet Coke, Nut Brown Ale-highly recommended, Stella and Chardonnay). They are famous for their Bloody Mary’s, although none of us are fans enough to try one out.


The menu is extensive. Appetizers included Onion rings (frozen out of a box), Lavosh, nachos, wedges, fries, sticks, spinach-artichoke dip. Nothing special enough or worth trying as we have our eye on their main menu. Goldbergs, sandwiches, soups & salads and more. Steak and fish. They are known for their hamburgers Yummy sounding sweets. So much potential; we order.

Jim orders the Chicken Fried Chicken, Patty the Pot Roast Dip with Swiss cheese and Sweet potato fries, Rick the Reuben and Kettle Fried Chips, Sarah the Portobello Veggies Melt with Sweet Potato fries. It goes seriously downhill at this point.

The chicken fried chicken is ‘out of a box’, cold, served with cold mashed potatoes and terrible gravy. The green beans are under cooked and the salad is average at best- with Romaine and Iceberg lettuce and cucumbers. Nothing special. Nothing outstanding. And served cold.

The Reuben is ‘just a sandwich’, ‘definitely not memorable’. The Nut brown ale is outstanding and if he wasn’t the designated driver, he’d had a second one.

The Portobello vegie melt sandwich is a big disappointment. Thick sliced grilled Texas toast with two small slices of grilled Portabella mushrooms, the avocados are missing totally, a few slices of red onion and tomato, one leaf of spinach and melted Swiss cheese to hold it together on both sides. They really should take a lesson on how to make a great Portobello mushroom sandwich. There is so much potential for this sandwich.

The Pot Roast Dip with Swiss is an adequate portion, not ample. The smallish sandwich does have tender meat and the Au Jus is good. The Sweet potato fries are large portions of ‘out of a box, frozen sweet potato fries’. Not particularly hot, but not really cold either.

THE SERVICE: No one ever even checked on us They seemed to not care

SUMMARY: The positives. The bathrooms are clean. The service is quick and friendly. The prices are OK. ($7 to $10).

None of us were impressed or excited to go back and try other option. Four thumbs down.

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