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Sinful Burger Sport Grill

Sinful Burger Sport Grill

…was our meeting place.

THE ATMOSPHERE: The place is easy to find in the Bellevue area with adequate parking. The decor is 50’s retro booths ad kitchen tables with chairs. The bathroom is clean. The service was prompt, getting us settled with one of their 6 beers on tap. Water was provided.

THE FOOD: We tried the homemade onion rings ($6) as they are one of our quests to find the best rings in the area. The hand-cut onions are breaded with a cornmeal coating. First sin, the oil they are cooked in is old and the onion rings arrived hot and slightly burnt tasting due to old grease. Not heavenly.

All sandwiches are served with French Fries or upgrade to Sweet potato fries or onion rings for an additional charge. Why the additional charge- no one knows- sin #2.

Rick ordered the Buffalo Chicken sandwich topped with Swiss cheese and house Bleu cheese which was good. The hot sauce that the chicken breast is tossed in is spicy hot. Not for weeny-lips.

Jim ordered the ½ pound Hades burger with a beef patty, a sausage patty, bacon and a fried egg topped with cheddar cheese. The patties are thin and ended up dry. The burger starts out good but as it cools, the flavors taste more like cold grease than yummy burger. Jim thought the burger would have retained more juice if the two meats were blended into one patty so it would have been a thicker portion of meat.

Patty had a Burger which was a great juicy hamburger with mushrooms, bacon and onions. Patty was the happiest with her choice.

Sarah ordered the Black bean veggie burger which was topped with chipotle ranch, cheddar cheese was good. The fresh lettuce and tomatoes helped keep the moisture decent for a veggie burger.

The beer was cold with 6 beers on tap. The only domestic (Bud Light) beer is definitely ‘outshone’ by the local craft beers. We tried three of the craft beers and all were happy with their choice. Coke products were also available.

THE SERVICE: the servicers were friendly, but service was spotty

SUMARY: The burgers are named with one of the seven deadly ‘sinful’ names such as envy, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. Clever marketing. The French fries were average, nothing particularly great; cooked in the same old oil that the onion rings were cooked in. Change the deep-fat fryer oil and this place would be a good sin, not a nasty sin.

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