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INTRODUCTION: Our recent trip was to CHARRED, Burger & Bar. Being of the ‘older generation’, we were there in plenty of time to enjoy Happy Hour specials and pricing. Score!

Charred has a limited menu, but plenty to choose from. Their focus is on burgers made from Wagyu beef. This is a breed of cattle that has a higher marbling content which translates into more flavor and moisture. They also claim that the fatty acid profile makes it healthier fat. Better beef= better burger. We would agree.


We were quickly seated and drink orders taken. Sarah had a cucumber Hendricks (gin) & tonic, Rick had a Nebraska brewing Nut Brown ale, Patty ordered a strawberry & cucumber vodka lemonade and Jim had the trusty diet Pepsi. Wonderful drink selection. Refreshing and refills were offered when we were close to the bottom of the glass. Water glasses were kept full.

We tried appetizers of their signature “Haystack” (fries, Brickway beer cheese, bacon, tomatoes, charred Jalapeno, Green Onions). Yum. We also tried their Fried Pickle Spears with Ranch dip. Tasty. Happy Hour gets a dollar off each appetizer.


Patty ordered the Bleu Burger ($8.25), featuring Wagyu beef, Bleu Cheese, whole grain mustard Aioli, caramelized Onion and Balsamic Glaze. Patty responded “really, really good” when asked about her choice.

Jim ordered the Mushroom Burger ($8), with sautéed mushrooms, Havarti Cheese, House Ranch and fresh spinach. Jim thought that the generous toppings overwhelmed the quality of the burger. He drug some of the toppings off and enjoyed the burger with fewer toppings.

Rick ordered the special of the day which featured a grilled Brat patty ($7), grilled onions, Havarti cheese, and grilled sauerkraut. Rick, our pork eater, was totally happy with his selection, thinking it was a wonderful blend of complimentary flavors that created an umami taste explosion.

Sarah (the chicken eater) ordered the Chicken BLT ($6.50), which was delicious and juicy and messy in a good way. Seared (tender) chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, purple onion, roasted garlic Aioli, and Havarti cheese. After asking for more napkins and wiping the juices off my fingers, I can honestly say it was delicious spin on a BLT.

The group shared an order of cheese curds ($7) which was great.

SUMMARY: Overall, the service was efficient and pleasant, the restaurant and bathrooms were clean and it was easy to find and park in a strip mall. Four thumbs up.

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