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Caddy’s Kitchen and Cocktails provided us with a pleasant evening out in the renovated Council Bluffs downtown area. It is a great combination of high-end sports bar and fine dining beautifully decorated with elegant Christmas décor. The atmosphere is warm, open and spacious. There are distinct “sections” of the establishment, with the two ends having more of a sports bar feel with big screen televisions and the center section along the huge windows looking out on the festive lights of Broadway providing a fine dining experience. Our waitress was very attentive yet not over-bearing. She replaced Jim’s Diet Coke three times without being asked and checked twice to make sure we were satisfied with our meals.


The menu is limited but with enough options that it is easy to find something to your liking. They have a selection of appetizers which would be appropriate for snacking while watching the game at the bar. There are soups and salads, sandwiches and delicious plated full meals and desserts. The menu offers enough variety without being overwhelming.

They have cocktail specials and an assortment of craft beers. Patty was sipping a Keg Creek (Glenwood Iowa) Apricot Wheat beer and Rick loved the Cedar Falls Iowa Brewery Tip the Cow Expresso Stout beer. Sarah’s fall back is always a glass of house Chardonnay and Jim relies on his trusty Diet Coke. Everyone was happy with their options.

Patty ordered the Chicken Florentine Sandwich on Ciabatta roll with fries which definitely tasted homemade. The presentation was good with a sauce that tasted like spinach artichoke dip. The chicken was sliced on the sandwich for easy eating and sliced tomato. Great sandwich.

Rick ordered the Buffalo Chicken Ranch sandwich which was “a little warm” but pretty good. Rick enjoyed the ‘right amount of heat’ in the Buffalo glaze on the chicken.

Jim ordered the BBQ Brisket sandwich. He thought the meat was good but it did have some fat to it. The meat was not smoked but the sauce was great. The sandwich was served on a biscuit which made it delicious but hard to eat.

All three ordered the Fries with their sandwiches. When first delivered, the group assessed that they tasted like homemade fries and declared them ‘great’. As the fries cooled off, the taste became greasier with the cold fat. That is the only suggestion we could offer is that they would do well to figure out a way to keep the fries warmer longer. There are metal serving cups with paper liners which would do the trick. Other sides available included sweet potato fries, chips, cottage cheese or side salad.

Sarah was in the mood for a meal and ordered their Grilled salmon with sweet bourbon sauce. The presentation was nice with thin slivers of ripe mango and the bourbon glaze. The bourbon glaze was too sweet, but good. The salmon was prepared well but did have a slight fishy smell when biting into the skin which normally is on salmon. It was served with a generous serving of saffron rice and sautéed green beans.


Overall sandwiches were in the $12 range and full meals $20 range. There were steak options and chicken meals also available. The dessert menu looked interesting but again, no room for that after the adequate portions of our meals. Stop by, it was great!

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