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Pizza King, a Council Bluffs icon, was the location of our recent gathering. We met on a cold, blustery Wednesday winter evening and were shocked at the number of cars in the parking lot. Was this place that good or was there something going on? A combination of both!

There are lots of people that go to Pizza King to eat. The pizza is their trademark. But there were birthday parties and family gatherings also going on. The dining room is big and open and the tables are too compact. Literally, if you need to get out during the meal, you need to look, and then snake around the tables to figure out the best route to get to the bathroom. Never mind, the food and service is worth the effort.


We were promptly seated. Drinks were ordered and arrived as expected. Orders were taken. Drinks were refilled and service was attentive but not overbearing. The menu is extensive and literally everyone will find something they like to eat. The special was sold out by the time we ordered but a good enough second choice was ordered.


Food was good but not outstanding. We skipped on the onion rings (our quest) as all appetizers are frozen convenience items. We went right to the entrée cause with the sides, you will have plenty to eat. Besides pizza, there are salads, sandwiches, steaks and chops, poultry, seafood, pasta, as well as desserts. While nothing was outstanding, it was all good and acceptable. It is easy to see why large groups gather here because everyone can find something to be satisfied with.

Prices are reasonable for the quantity of food you receive ($10 to $25 per person for the meal; drinks, appetizers and desserts extra).


If in Council Bluffs and you need a spot to gather, this works. It’s not outstanding but you will walk out satisfied with a hearty meal at a fair price.

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